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Our packaging products consist of

a lid made from bioplastic or recycled plastic and a three-layer natural bowl made of

  • leaves
  • water-proof leaf-made paper
  • leaves

No synthetical additives, no coloring, no glue – Additionally, the bowl is biodegradable in only 28 days.


We love to beautifully present things, to beautifully package them. Packaging is a part of our daily lives. There has always been packaging and there always will be. As the number of people and their consumption keep on growing, the packaging market has an impressive size all over the world – and now it is time to revolutionize it.

Why we are doing this?
Because we spend only a brief moment on this world. Everything we own is only temporary. What really counts is what we create, what we build up. What counts are our actions and our decisions. They last forever. They make up the true value of our being. If these actions lead to building up a sustainable, social, gainful company, then we will have the greatest job in the world.


Who is behind?

Pedram Zolgadri CEO / *CXO
Chief Executive Officer, Marketing, R&D

Carolin Fiechter CFO
Chief Financial Officer & Controlling

Kaiyi „Charles“ Lin COO
Chief Operation Officer, Sales & IT

Barbara Thorwarth

International Affairs

Qiren Yao CDO
Chief Design Officer

Fazil Amarkhial  CPO
Chief Product Officer

Maria “Mashha” Krutsch

Graphic Design


 Chief Security Officer


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